All Blues related videos and songs that are exploring the edges of the genre are encouraged to submit.

Original songs, and full songs will be accepted. All other applicants are welcome to submit but original materials will be taken into consideration primarily.

It’s recommended for the submitted videos to be under 5min. Videos that are over 10min will NOT be accepted.

Sapphire has one single category and both live performance and staged production/interpretive videos will be accepted for the competition.

Short documentaries or EPK’s will NOT be accepted.

Videos with good qualities and full production will be primarily considered but all applicants are encouraged to submit as well as videos that are shot by a phone.

All videos should be submitted by the Artist/Band. If submitting as a Director, the applicant should prove consent of the Artist/Band.

Qualifying Period

There will be NO TIMELINE for the first year of the Sapphire Award. Deadlines will be set for the inaugural year.

Canadian Definition

The award will accept Canadian submissions only. The artist or artists must be Canadian citizens or Canadian landed immigrants. For duo or groups, at least 50% of members must qualify as Canadian. Proof of Canadian status includes:

a) Valid Canadian passport.

b) Canadian citizenship papers.

c) Canadian Birth Certificate.

d) Landed immigrant status via a Canadian Permanent Resident Card.

The Jury

The volunteer jury will select the winner depending on the designated criteria. A jury member can’t be professionally or otherwise representing an artist, or has a personal relationship with an artist or artists. Lack of disclosure of a conflict of interest will result in the loss of voting privileges.

Sapphire Award Winner

The Sapphire Award winner will be announced at the Maple Blues Awards taking place on Monday, February 3rd at Koerner Hall. The award will be presented to both the Artist/Band and the Director of the winning video.

The winning artist or group will receive a cash prize of $1,500 (CAD). Each of the two runners up will receive $250 (CAD).


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